Dutton Malaga B+ for sale

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The car was last taxed in 1996 so does not require to be on sorn, we have the V5 on which the car is registered as a Dutton Malaga, but not the new V5C as I have never bothered to renew it. The chasis number  is on the car M14**B.​​ It is on an S plate (1977).The car is a non runner as you can see from the photos, but was running when it was put into the garage 20 years ago.  It has a Ford 2.0 pinto engine and four speed gear box I think the back end was also from a Capri, the front end was Hillman Imp/Triumph. Most bits are with the car, but it obviously needs a lot of work. It was purchased to restore but unfortunately life and a Mini have got in the way, and now it is time to admit defeat as I do not have the time, knees,fingers or back, to give the car the love and attention it deserves. So now is the time to to let it go. I am open to offers.
If any of your members are interested please ask them to contact me by email or on 0789632699


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